Holiday Standard Time 101

OK, let’s right to the point:  Ever wonder why it seems so difficult these days trying to make connections?

You seem to be doing all the right things.  You’re out among them doing all you can to achieve Success Again but wondering when the tide will finally turn in your favor.

Yes, things have changed.  What we tend to overlook is that although most of us are working so damn hard these days, we all need a break.  Any respite from the maddening world, is considered manna from the gods.

Welcome to………………………………………Holiday Standard Time.

Now, reading this you might find it some of this facetious but this is today’s stark reality.

There are 365 days in a year.  Take out Saturdays and Sundays.  That totals 104 days.  Subtract 104 from 365 and we’re down to 261 days.

This is reality.  It is the new world, Holiday Standard Time.

Holiday Standard Time(HST)  is all about  Holidays’ connective tissues,  Those are days preceding and following Holidays.  Yet, you are on a mission.  You are looking to connect and succeed but having a difficult time doing so.

Plus, today, too many people are in a state of fear; fear of losing their jobs and escape into Holiday Coma.  They are present physically but checked out mentally.

Lets get to the longest period of Holiday Standard Time: Thanksgiving through New Years.  Starting 10 days prior to Thanksgiving to 10 days following New Years Day, most people are “going through the motions.”  Ever try contacting someone then?  It’s close to impossible.  If you do somehow connect, they’ll wish you well, tell you let’s connect in the new year.  You’ll ask when might be a good time to call and they’ll say, ……..Oh……………  ……………. May


You see, they are not there.

Altogether, that’s another 53 days shot to hell.  So, we’re now down to 208 days.

You’re over 50 now and you’re beating yourself up questioning your abilities, your talent and wondering where you went wrong and questioning if you’ve lost it all. What’s going on?

Let me brutally honest with you.  YOU HAVE NOT LOST IT.  It’s just that there is a new paradigm shift in the marketplace today.  People are working like a dog, more than they probably ever have in their lives; that is WHEN mentally, they are actually there.

Here’s another element of HST.  People are fearful.  They go into Achievement Hibernation.  I’ve written about this in the past.  It is when people are on such overload, they are terrified, paralyzed and don’t know what to do.  They are looking for someone to save them, save their companies and their jobs but don’t know how to reach out.

They are afraid of making a decision for fear of making a wrong one which could lead to their termination.  Recognizing this will serve you well.

Currently, their only refuge is HST.  Holiday Standard Time.  It’s their only relief.

Back to the Holidays:  Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Day, Easter/Passover, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving,  There are probably another 2 or 3 official or unofficial commemorative days but, for arguments sake, let’s round it out to 10 days. That brings the number down to 198 days.

Most people take 2 weeks of vacation time.  That leaves 188 days left with weekends already in the tally.  Almost half the year is gone.

People can’t wait to get away.  Let’s not forget the fantasy and reverie aspects tied to good old fashioned R&R.

It is Holiday Coma.  Call it what you will.  It’s all part of Holiday Standard Time.  People revel in it. They start checking out mentally and dislodge from reality a week prior to vacation time.  Then, when re-adjusting back to work mode, getting out of HST, add another week.

So, for every 5 days away, deduct an additional 10 days; 5 days before and 5 after a week’s vacation X 2 weeks.  Altogether that’s 20 more days.  That leaves only 168 days left in the year.

But, there is even less time in which to make your mark.

Consider other Holidays like Easter/Passover.  You can subtract another 7 days right there.  So we’re down to 161 days.  July 4th,  Labor Day, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day.  Since these holidays are independent of each other, while subtracting  the 5 holidays, deduct 7 days for pre and post per holiday. That’s another 35 days deducted from 161 and now we’re at 126 days.

Then, there are sick days; yours or the person you’re trying to connect with.  Deduct conservatively 5 days.  So, now we’re down to 121 days.

At this point, that means out of 365 days in a year, there is less than 1/3 of the year in which to connect.

Throw in scheduling conflicts, last minute changes, emergencies, delays, unexpected travel, corporate takeovers, shifting priorities, cutbacks/downsizing, etc.   That’s another 10 days.

That means there are 111 days left for productivity and 254 days of Holiday Standard Time.

Most of my life, I have worked in the Entertainment industry.  What I have learned through experience is attempting to contact someone in Radio/TV/Film on Mondays or Fridays is an exercise in uselessness.

Every business has its own unwritten rules.  I’m sure there are certain permutations in your field that must be acknowledged, followed and respected.

So, conservatively, deduct another 10 days.  That means there are only 101 days left to do your thing.

This is not a joke.  It is life today.  You must recognize, it’s not you.  This is not meant to be an excuse.  People are looking for release, good times to experience or relive.  At the same time,  people are scared.  They are looking for answers while entrenched in escape mode.  It’s their only release.

You can help them.  It’s just a matter of getting to them.  Don’t give up.   They need you.







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