Simplicity Wins

Ever notice when things aren’t going well and prospects seem to vanish, the mind tends to go into negative overdrive.  It looks wildly for answers when, at the moment, there are none on the horizon. The old saying, “what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve” takes on unimaginable negative connotation.

It allows the subconscious to run wild.  Then, it acts like roaming rogue elephants. Research shows that elephants lacking direction, tend to act destructively, dangerously and with total abandon.  This creates an atmosphere of license.

The same is true with the mind. It runs wild with no monitor or guidance to help steer and accept a more constructive course.  When you’re down and solutions seem almost non-existent, it takes all you have to muster the strength to re-imagine the thought process to guide us onto a more positive, responsive path.

And, with no mentoring or directional feedback, we turn to  beating up on ourselves unmercifully.  That triggers an intransigent downward spiral; a mindset of misery and hopelessness.  It’s amazing what we put ourselves through.

Plus, all too often and, in a perverse manner, we feel unworthy of freeing ourselves from this masochistic decline.  It’s like we haven’t suffered enough and are deserving of even more pain.

I speak from experience.  I’m not here sermonizing from atop Mount Olympus.  I get into funks like everyone else.  It can be a struggle. In fact, it’s why I wrote my first book, “Out of the Fog and Into Focus.” As I look back, I realize what a prescient title.

So many of us aged 50 and above, concentrate on past and present failings and under-value previous and recent positive accomplishment.  We do this to the point that just about anything of a self-affirming nature is placed on life-support.  And because we’re in a depressed state, it gives the subconscious license to conjure up past failures and negatively re-interpret positive experiences.

English Author and Poet, Gilbert Keith Chesterton once said, “If you don’t believe in God, you don’t believe in nothing.  You believe in everything.”

Now, hold on.  I am not proselytizing   I’m making a point.

Let’s take this out of the religious realm and replace the word God with spirit.  If you don’t believe in something that really matters, something that resonates with you at your very core, it’s all too easy to go down any path that comes to mind.  And, that’s the point.

You flounder. You’re lost.  You’ll try anything and dismiss core beliefs; the things that “brung ya to the dance” in the first place.

The Solution:  Find the time to take the time to re-evaluate what it is you really want and not concentrate on what you need.

Want is positive.  It is faith.  Need is negative.  Need depletes energy.  It discounts intelligence, talent, successes, drive and dreams.  Need can suck you dry.

The goal is to establish what it is you want and not settle on something for the sake of taking action.  That’s not action.  It’s commotion.

Go back to your strength.  If it’s time to move on, then move on.  But, test the waters allied with your expertise. Recognize those ties to your assets and allow them to work for you as a guide.

Need is negative and breeds Noise, Distraction, Resistance that equal Scattered Potential and a whole lot of Stress.

What I’m saying is don’t complicate, simplify.  Concentrate on simplicity.  At times like this, complication is a power source power drain.

Stick with the old KISS theory.  And, at this time, the only thing stupid is complication. So, keep it simple.


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