Too Young to Be Old

Vocations which we wanted to pursue, but didn’t, bleed, like colors on the whole of our existence.”                                                                 Novelist, Honore de Balzac

We are over the age of 50.  Most of us have done things we never, ever imagined doing.  We have worked in fields that either didn’t exist or were in the theoretical, gestation stages way back when.   We have come a long way from the impulsive aspirations of youth to the world-weary diminished expectations of adulthood.

And, we are over the age of 50.  Things have changed.  As a “for instance”, the older you get, the less the younger generation wants to associate with you?    If you are a parent, you’ve experienced this kind of estrangement since your kids reached their pre-teens and wanted little or nothing to do with you.  It’s love from afar.

However, In the workplace,  you now find that you are or close to the oldest person in the room with little in common with your peers.  Conversations with them are short, strained and to the point.  It’s as if being older is a contagion.

Face it, we live in the land of eternal youth worship.

Being older brings with it limitations.  The chance for advancement  is filled with too much of “Almost”  and too little of “Likeliehood.”

So, what do you do?  You are too young to be old.  And, you know it.  You come from a Restless Generation.

You don’t give up.  Sure, you’ve been knocked down by disillusion and the appearance of hopelessness and at times you want to say “what’s the use.”  But, you are a fighter.

Perhaps it’s time to Surrender.  That’s not giving up.  Surrender is the acceptance of a new beginning.  And, in this instance, maybe it’s time to revisit what it is you really want.

Do you really want to continue doing something that no longer provides satisfaction and stimulation?  What is it you always wanted to do?  You know, that something that grabbed you at the very core of your being that you put aside long ago?

And, this isn’t “middle age crazies” either.

If you reallllly take the time, you will unearth your many hidden strengths and ambitions.  Take the time.  Do it.  Write it all down.  And, don’t be so judgemental.  Right now, it doesn’t matter how impractical or seemingly ridiculous some of what you write down appears to be.

Make that list and then, come back  to it in a few days.  Give yourself some time to step away from the process and digest it. Then, start whittling away.

Pay close attention to those things that pull at your gut, the things you always wanted to do but never did.

You are part of a restless generation.  Isn’t it time to get on with what’s “Next”  in your life.  You’re over 50 now.

Don’t talk it, do it.  You are too young to be old.


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