Hating Where You Are and What You’re Doing

It’s so easy to bitch and  complain.  In fact, the more time you complain means there is so much less is going on in your life.

Sure, these are tough times.  It’s all too easy to go along with the herd mentality of negativity.  Been there, done that.

Recently I read a Gallup survey pointing out that most Americans hate their jobs; even jobs that offer fabulous perks.

What works is collaboration.  Collaboration or the lack of it can be measured by the amount of time spent online.  Too much interface, not enough face-to-face. And, that means no real counter feedback.  Life is as we see it or want it to be with no place for opposing views.

Not too long ago, I interviewed Mark Victor Hansen.  I asked him how he deals with negativity.  He told me that at that moment, he was going through one of the roughest times in his life.  So, I asked him, how are you handling it?  He said I’m dealing with it by not making it the focal point of his life.  In other words, he was practicing what he preaches.

We are the masters of our own universe.  It’s not that we can’t or don’t ask for help, but it’s up to us to either languish in despair(and misery loves company) or take the time to digest assistance given and move on.

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