Status, Predictions, Fear & Priorities

You may have read recently about the newest status marker of the uber-wealthy.  It is no longer considered “au courant” acquiring a 30 million fixer upper.  Let’s face it, annnnnyone can do that.  The latest fashion indispensible is constructing a Moat built around the mansion.

A Moat?  Gators not included.  Love it!!!  Now, you must understand:  Whooooo wants to deal with the stench of the multitudes?  Amazing!

Perhaps, this medieval relic revival is not just an aesthetic statement but staunch acknowledgment of today’s apprehensive environment.

My ex-wife was a fashion forecaster.  Her job was predicting upcoming trends for retailers.  She was absolutely magnificent in spotting style trajectories long before the competition even realized there was a trend-in-the-making.  She was brilliant and passionate expressing herself…..verbally but, when it came to writing down all those findings, she would go positively apoplectic, totally berserk and just fall apart.

She could not do it. She couldn’t write if her life depended upon it.  So, after much frustration and tears, she would turn to me.  The best part was her consistency.  Her pleas for emergency assistance always started around 10:30 PM, the night before the following morning’s big fashion forecast presentation.

She would verbally explain her findings and then add in her prognostications. From there,  I’d write it all down and put all her research and conclusions in some orderly fashion and head to sleepy land around 5 AM.

I don’t know about you but it’s been my experience when immersed in something new, either you tune out what you don’t know or adapt to the new environment.  The upside to all this is picking up some new tricks from another trade and, if possible, applying and adapting them to your area of expertise.

I did and learned that forecasting of any kind is a lot more than mere observation, speculation and expectation.

Call me a forecasting maven?  No way.  But what I picked up has served me well.

What the Moat fad says is the wealthy are very concerned about their security.  But, these days, who isn’t?

Take a look around you. Most people are in Prevent Mode.  They don’t want to take on any more than is absolutely necessary. They are fearful. They want to hold on to their job. But, they can’t afford the visibility that comes with making a possible wrong decision. So, a non-decision is considered the best course of action as it is best to avoid or delay impending peril at all costs.

However, the reality is decisions must be made.  They can’t be avoided.

But, with so much down-sizing occurring, that reality only elevates already elevated stress levels.  Add to it the thought of going against the Prevent Mode Mindset in an environment of questionable job security and dwindling opportunities.  So, it’s no wonder most of us are ready to curl up in some fetal position over in a corner with a blanket covering the head while devouring a bag of Cheetos non-stop and hoping it would “all” just go away.

Call it C.E.M. as in Caloric Escape Mechanism.  Ice Cream, Fritos and Peanuts are all approved substitutes under current C.E.M. guidelines.

In other words, you’re doing what you don’t want to do but doing it anyway for the sake of a check and a job.

Talk about dichotomy.

Now, here is where you come in.

You are over 50.  You’ve had enough ups and downs in life.  This isn’t your first circus.  So, you know it’s not all cotton candy, bearded ladies and dancing elephants in the center ring.  What I’m saying is you have been there and done that.  You have beaucoup experience.

That’s not to make light of the harsh realities during these grueling times.  It just helps to put things in proper perspective.  Age works in your favor.  You’ve paid a lot of dues so  tough times don’t come as a surprise.

Because you’ve “been around the block”, you have a fairly good sense of self.

It’s a new year.  You have resolved to do better, get better and make more money, etc.  Resolutions are fabulous but lack currency without Priority.

And, that takes time.  It takes effort. So serve up some red meat with Resolutions by Prioritizing.  In fact, make a dual list of Priorities.

Let me explain.

While in Priority mode, take care of yourself but also allow time and do some research and discover the needs of a potential Employer/Client.

Identify their needs.  Go to Google.  Check out other search engines.  Go to their websites.  Go the “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” route; someone might know someone who knows someone, etc.  You get the idea. Find out all you can.

You have to understand how pressing the need is for solutions.  The plight of  Clients/Employers is tremendous and right now, they need your help.  They are scared and experiencing pain.

You are assuming the role of Physician.  Potential Clients/Employers don’t know it yet but you are working on their behalf to relieve their pain.  Make it your mission to diagnose what ails them and find a cure.

In your research you will discover a remedy.  Most important, you’ll come to recognize and accept the fact that you are The REMEDY.

Sounds like nonsense but it’s not.

Something you need to consider is Time Investment.  You have put so much time into finding Solutions to relieve pain, that it has become a Priority.  You lead now with a new-found conviction.

Most of us on terra firma like to reach out and help others.  Well, that is what you’re doing.

Helping another in pain transforms Priorities. You are no longer making your needs THE PRIORITY. That mind-shift takes the onus off you. As you are helping others, you don’t have time to consider your own concerns.

Your research takes time.  That time becomes a form of Rehearsal.

So, your snail mail/email/phone communications and eventual in-person meetings reflect your passion and determination for Solution. Because of this displacement, you present yourself with greater conviction because it is all about relieving the pain of others and not about you.

Their concern is your main concern.

In that state of mind, you are speaking truth.  You are speaking from the heart.  There is no second guessing.  You are way beyond that. You are presenting your findings to free that Client/Employer from Prevent Mode.

For you, there are now little or no nerves to contend with.  You have a prescription for their malady and that is you.